Curious about the roots of the innovation of Kangoô? Well, our story begins like any others. Once upon a time, there lived a small yet ambitious group of humble individuals, armed with nothing but a vision. A vision of simplifying the lives of parents and children everywhere, through revolutionary products abundant in both convenience and comfort. We wanted to create something affordable – without compromising quality. So, we did! See how the story panned out by clicking on this link!

Our story starts like any other; we were but humble individuals with a vision. Ours was to improve and simplify the lives of both parent and child, while shedding light on products that were both comfortable and crafted out of pure materials – without compromising quality. In fact, we wanted to heighten quality further.

That’s when we started to develop Kango™ (that’s Kang-ooo!) a 100% organic, cotton baby wrap. We at Kango™ are firm supporters and believers in the beauty of babywearing, and the true and lasting benefits that come with it.

These include a promotion in mental and physical development in the child, reduced colic and acid reflux (thanks to an optimum upright position) and an opportunity for parents to turn a simple walk into a powerful dose of exercise.

While they can’t physically tell you, babies greatly appreciate the security of being so close to you in the wrap. In your baby’s mind, nothing compares to this resounding comfort and fabulous opportunity to be so close to their parent. What’s more, mothers appreciate the ergonomic design that allows for discrete breastfeeding.

We’re here to turn babywearing into the global movement that it should be, maximizing the bond between parent and child, and minimizing safety concerns, in an eco-friendly and socially-responsible way.

We believe in the power of giving back, which is why a portion of your purchase will be pumped straight into the incredible efforts of UNICEF, making the lives of children and parents from all walks of life…better. Easier. Greater.

And that’s what Kango™ is all about. Keeping it pure. Keeping it simple. Keeping our eyes on the prize – people’s lives. Your life, and the life of your little cherub.

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